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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mr. Simple - Return of the Superior - Super Junior - 5th JIB!!

Sebagai kipas-susah-mati Super Junior, kalau tak promote Super Junior jangan gelar diri kipas-susah-mati la kan. So, eventhough a little bit late, dQ still want to promote the 5th album of Super Junior!!

Their 1st hit of coz la Mr. Simple.. Eventhough many negative positive comment about this album and also this song.. i still like the song and the choreographer of the dance.. The MV?? Ermm.. too simple for me but its fine since i do love watch their face.. haha..

To anyone who not watch yet listen or watch this Mr. Simple.. feel free to browse it at you tube.. but make sure you watch it at official SMTOWN page.. or maybe you can click here. Or watch it self below!!

Happy watching!!

P.S: Falling with the blondie!! :P Sorry Encik 'Orang Sebelah'

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