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Monday, February 13, 2012

Random things about Me..

1. Full name Siti Maziah without my abah name. At home family call me Jyah or kakak. Sumtimes my sister call me Kak Maz. And my auntie call me Jee. And others just call me Maziah. Close friends call me Maz then i bring till uni and work. Some of them will call me Maziah and also Siti.

2. I'm 4th from 8 siblings. 4 pair of boys and girls. Fair isnt? 3 boys, 3 girls, a boy and a girl - follow by step. I'm the 1st daughter of my abah and mak.

3. My sisters and brother after me, their second name, 1st letter is according to my second name, Maziah (me), Atiqah, Zakiah, Imran and Aqilah. But missing H because enough with 8 siblings.

4. My 1st kiss when i'm 7 with my classmate. Have a bet with my bestfriend that both of us will kiss the boy on the cheek in the same time. But she didnt do it. Only me do it. What a shame!!. The news of me kissing spread all over school and my brothers (all three of them) kept mentioned about it. Sadly the boy who i admire till Year 6 decease few year ago in an accident.(I only knew about his deceased only a month after - when i'm back for holidays from campus)

5. Since kid, i always had a thought to run away from house. I always felt that my parent was too fierce with me than  my other brothers and sisters. When i'm 10, my mak lock me in my room but then i jump down from my window (2nd floor) and thought to run away to my nenek house (15km from my house). Also had a thought to slept in kebun abah, try to eat leaves and be a fugitive in kebun sendiri.

6. In Form 4, changes to four school in four months. The most short time is 2 weeks. Oh, i kept crying that time.

7. Had a clash opinion when i want to take Form 6. But i kept with my decision and never regret it because Form 6 is the most happening thing that happen in my life.

8. Had a crush to my Form 4 chinese junior when i'm in Form 5 and even take a picture with him. Then in Form 6 also had a crush with a chinese schoolmates. The most crazy thing i'm done is menceroboh his class after school hour and selongkar his desk - then i found a precious thing - a set of his pictures with his friends. Haha. I took it.{really sorry to him}

9. A chinese drama fan especially police and investigation then love to listening to Chinese &  Taiwanese song. Then starting to getting crazy to Jpop & Jdorama because of Arashi & Takuya Kimura, then Kpop after getting know TVXQ and Super Junior. Watch Kdrama but not too addicted as others.

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