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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Yeah.. memang sexy, free & single. OK. I know, not me.. so, please put your hands up if you think you are sexy, free and single. Yang dah get married tu tak payah nak join angkat tangan ye. Sila ingat pasangan kat sebelah tu.

So, apa yang sexy, free and single ni if this is not about me? Ah-ha.. dont you know, dont you know? Ala.. tak kpop la u all macam ni... Opps, dah terbocor pulak.. the-he..

So, kpop yang sexy, free & single tu mestilah SUPER JUNIOR!! They comeback with 6th album!! Yuhuuu!! This time with 10 people as Kangin also made a comeback. Double Yuhuuu!!! Sape yang tak minat kpop tu or anti SJ tu mahap ye. Sila la layankan je MV SEXY, FREE & SINGLE di bawah ni.. :P

Note : I'm so in love with their hairstyle!! Luv, luv, luv..

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