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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paddle Boat at Tasik Putrajaya

Idea menaip takde for this few months, i just can send my message thru this few pictures + few words je..
Dunno why but suddenly became so speechless.. OMO!!

Yeah..paddle boat kat Tasik Putrajaya murah je. RM20.00 for two people for two hours (if not mistaken).
Banyak lagi aktiviti lain macam Boat Cruise, Dondang Sayang, Water Ball and KMX.. but we try this Paddle Boat. Lets Go!!

 Yeay!! Dah sampai!! Hello Putrajaya!

 Husband cakap muka i macam scared gila.. iye ke??




 Can you spotte the Masjid? SubhanAllah!!

 Hebaq kunun..

 Menung pulop doh..

After we paddling.. 2 hours.. we already hugry tahap giant!! so we went to eat at the food court..
bawah jambatan tu jer.. Many various type of food to choose la.. 
and then we choose.. Nasi Arab!!

 I choose Mandy Lamb Rice.. eh ye ke nasi Mandy?
 Err.. tak sure but i pasti memang lamb lah.. (feveret kot)
I got a really big plate... memang tak habis makan sorang eventhough i lapar tahap giant..

And my husband choose lauk 1/4 chicken..
Masak apa i tak tau..
Pun pinggan besar jugak..
Harga berbaloi ah.. Kalau tak silap tak sampai RM50.00 for two..
Sorry, not remember the details.. :P

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