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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hate MYSELF???

Ya.. Once upon a time.. I had tis feeling..
Feeling of hating myself..
Bec0z i'm lack of confident..
I'm bad in talking with people..
I always afraid for something..
And i hv sumone who always interrupt in my way..

But then..
i realize everyone had their weaknesses..
so i try to lovin myself.. motivating myself to became stronger..
cos i'm really a sensitive and emotional person..
i always blamin' n be blame for sumthin' i even didnt do..
i tried to didnt cried in front of people..
event its d most hardest thing.. i still try to smile and laugh all d way..
even though in very sad or though or scary situation, i pretend to be calm, cool..
but inside me nobody knows how do i feel..

Sumtimes i feel myself now is not d real me..
i always doing sumthin' tat i hate.. tat i dont like..
but hv to do tat thing..
I felt like i live for other people.. not for myself..

But tis is wat people call life rite??
LIFE is a DRAMA.. we r the actor .. sumtimes we r d director but sumtimes we've been direct by other people too..

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