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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friends to remembered..

Just suddenly remembering a lot of people who had been drop by in my campus life.. some of them just being a guest.. and some of them being the main role in part of my life..

Samad – Dunno y suddenly remembering him.. Maybe becoz he once had been one of my frenz? (Err.. now still fren I think..). Seseorg yg agak menjengkelkan kdg kala.. and sometimes being nice (belanja mkn, lukis my potret – err.. kat mn agaknye aku letak eyh potret tu?). Suka ikut kepala sendiri.. semua cadangan dia betul & bagus.. dia seorg yg amat agak memilih sikit sape yg dia nk tolong.. huhu..

Iwan – Actually one of my closest guy fren.. I dun remember since when.. maybe 1st or 2nd term.. very nice and good fren.. sumtimes also being picky who he want to fren.. For the beginning of the campus life, always hanging out with him but suddenly he became busy with his PALAPES, programs and projects.. so we juz dun talk much..

D-ja – Actually one of my closest fren.. we know each other since 1st term.. coz we r neigbours but not really close.. juz hi n hello, how r u.. but then became close in 4th or 5th term.. coz we became rumates.. a beautiful n confident gurl (erm.. sumtimes overconfident n sumtimes not confident at all).. Very strict in dieting (she only eat biscuits for breakfast & dinner, n juz a meal of bihun soup for lunch.. but once or twice a week she will eat nasi&lauk n also pizza.. her feveret all time!) Love dancing, very caring n sumtimes egoistic& ‘mulut laser’.

Is – Also one of my closest guy fren.. till we’ve been fight for some reason in last term.. Start close with him when we both joining the ‘Kem Perpaduan’ in 2nd term.. A brilliant, smart and nice guy.. but a lil bit pamper.. and I’ve been a lil bit hardwork when fren with him.. Coz he always ask me to accompany him study in library.. even though we r in different course.

Mat – Also know him when we both joining ‘Kem Perpaduan’. A very caring guy.. we’ve been a classmates in IT class but never talk to each other until joining the camp.. (I always sit behind him.. so I recognize him..) . A guy who love to sharing his love experience.. (Every nite he sms to accompany me study) but we r not close anymore after he get new junior gf..

Aka – A junior with weird slang.. haha.. coz he’s been growing up in UK, so he not really good in BM.. Became close when he join our project club in last term.. A responsible and committed person. Still looking for hot gurls to be his gf.. Always hanging up with him till 12 or 1 am in cafĂ©.. Like to force me to accompany him study with sms-ing him till dawn.. n I hv been accompany him to shopping.. and he is so picky in shopping!!

Taufiq – Also get close to him in last term.. same with Aka.. Have a crush in him at beginning.. (haha.. juz like his personality.. and that was when I still single..).. A very good listener and good in giving opinion.. Very good fren.. Always called him and Aka gigolo.. a dekan student and a hot guy.. He always being my counselor.. but do not disturbing him when he was in study mode.. or he will get mad..

Gee – Ni bukan lagu SNSD Gee but we called her Gee.. Once had been my good fren.. but she ‘s been hurt my feeling n fight with my good frens.. so we didn’t close anymore.. I do not hate her.. juz a lil bit angry coz she want to break the frenship.. What type of fren who wants to break a frenship? She also the one who made I getting B for Strategic Management.. (coz that nite I want to study but she kept disturbing me with her ‘sad story’.. and that really made me mad and not in a good mood for study..)

Ramai lg nak citer nih.. tp ta muat lak.. huhu.. post lenkali je la.. k. chiao!!
Si Kecik Mo, sudah! tak mau main lagi! Meh balik cepat!!

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