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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Destinasi #4: Jalan-jalan @ Mines with BFF!!

Yeay!! BFF dramaQueen from Kota Bahru visit me here!! Welcome Mek Yoh!! Missed u demn much!!! Muaxx!! Thank you veru much la Mek Yoh coz u apply 3 day leave juz for spent time with dramaQueen & Cik Naz. Eventhough Quz, Rady & Tata cannot come bcoz of their commitment, but u still came as u promised!! Ni yg SAAAYAAAANG lebey nih...

Malas tulis panjang-panjang.. View je la photog2 eh??

 Waiting for Tako!!
 Nyum..Nyum.. Tako!!
 Dah habis..Full already.. :P
 Cik Naz & Mek Yoh
 kanak2 riang gumbira
 Makcik Cleaner yg vogue habis!!
waiting & tiring

Eh.. ni baru at Mines.. ada lg photog2 kat PD pulak!!

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