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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Addicted to KPOP MUSIC MONDAY, Simonandmartina & Eatyourkimchi

Salam to all reader!!
Happy Monday!! Any blues today?? Haha.. i do have.. as always..

So as always on Monday i'll be waiting for my favourite review vids of KPOP on KPOP MUSIC MONDAY! Yeay!! This review were done by a very sweet couple - Simon and Martina!!

You can subsribe their You Tube Account - EatYourKimchi or you can watch from their blog here!!

How do i knew them??
Thanks to my bestie Feruz aka Yoh who introduce me to this addictive video review! Now every Monday i will open You Tube surely.

What the first video review that i watch?
The review video of my favourite song 0330 by UKISS!! With the theme of crazy edition. Crazy huh?

I'm not gonna write any review of the video here but since i already do this entry, there's something that i must say. 'I TOTALLY ADORE THEM'. They are so brilliant, talented and creative. Dont they? They doing the review based on their logical thinking and sometimes we didnt even relize it. [Maybe since many people were obsessed by this kpop storm, maybe we didnt even realize the weirdness or even the unlogical thing in the mv]. That was including me okay since i was obsessed by their look, appearance and music mania. Ahaha..

So, take peek-a-boo at their site!!

p/s: kindly ignored my grammatically errors since my Manglish were better than these.. Luv.dQ

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