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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Super Junior A-cha already released!!

dQ memang gila KPOP. I knew that. Told me what i don't.

Just want inform here to all readers, followers or even passer by.. the Super Junior repackage 'Mr. Simple' album already out!!

Ihsan Pakcik Google yang baik hati

To all fellow ELF maybe already noticed this but who's don't, kindly noted. And to new-kpopers welcome to KPOP World!! Support Super Junior!! Okay, who dont even know what is KPOP or don't even like KPOP, please ignore. Forcing just not my style, ahah.

i am a big fan of Super Junior. Maybe not big as any other E.L.F but i still consider myself as an E.L.F because my passion to Super Junior is more than any KPOP group/celebs.And with A-cha MV that already out.. i'm totally nose bleed you know!! They are totally SuperHot! Hot! Hot! Kalah Hotfm k..

Anyway, please take a look at their new MV - A-Cha!!

Sangat love love love... Like love love love okey..
Okay, i should stop now .

Bye bye!!

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