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Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm a BRIDE to be. on 10.11.12 ??

Now already end of October 2011!! Two months to go for 2012!!
Arghh!! Stress! Scary!

Relatives, villagers and friends already ask me. When? What the date? Is it on March??
What can i say?? I also not sure mehhh. The date still not fixed yet. We still dont have any decision.

My sister suggest for Chinese New Year since she, another sisters and little brother will be on holiday that day. But i think its to early and we'll never had enough time for preparation.

My mom then suggest for School Holiday (either in March or May) since she will be on holiday too that time. But then we had to select date that will not clashed with my sister in law's brother wedding and my relative's wedding.

Then for me, i suggest myself for date 10.11.12 but my mom didn't agree because end of the year will be too long for her. But, honestly, i'm so in love with the date. It in ascending order and more, it my birth date!!

I still confuse right now and do not to choose the right date. For me, the date must consist a few of factor as below;

1. Weekend. Usually saturday & sunday (because i'm in Selangor)
2. Around public holiday. At least the day before and after - easy for relatives and also for bride and groom to take long leaves.
3. At least 4 months from today and most late i think before Ramadhan. (For preparation and also we still do not take 'Kursus Kahwin' yet - will take it in Mid Nov).

Any suggestions?

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