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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Live. Love. Laugh

I already live for almost 26 years (will turn on by next month).
I already pass through many hardship and obstacles.
Even though now, i still had to face one biggest obstacles in life.
To survive, i need to be strong, i need to be confident that InsyaAllah, Allah will be reward me with something better in the future for all this hardship and pain.
But i also cannot denied that Allah also gave me much beautiful and happiness for these 26 years. Achievements, recognitions, respect, family, love and friendship... all of this make my 26 years meant more to me.
I know, i'm not alone.

1st. Love to Allah & Islam. This is the eternal love. Do the compulsory. If you can, then do the sunnah.

2nd. Love family. They are the people who always supporting me, help me in my hardship and pain and sharing together for good news.

3rd. Love friends. Best friends. Not friends that do not like a friend (mean backstabber). I always can count on them. Most of them. Even far away, guide me, heard me and help me. Sharing all good things and also bad things.

4th. LoveLoveLove. Sorry Mr. Fiancee, you are on 4th placed. But i always know, you are the one who always by my side. Thanks so much dear cause always understanding my swing emotions.

5th. Love the world. Love greenery, sky blue, colorful flowers and animals.This is the world that i living in, how can i hate this world? Save the environment folks!!

When i'm happy then i will laugh.
When i have fun then i will laugh.
When i feel funny then i will laugh.
Dont you laughter is medicine for happy life??
Be happy. and laugh. or at least smile. That will make your day better.


  1. wishing you..all the bez in every single second in ur life.... 26 juz number... ahakz..foreva 12!

  2. laugh--->happy--->smile--->life full with excitement ^_^


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