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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011: Sayonara» What SWEET. SOUR. BITTER.

Its nearly pass 10 days in 2012 and i'm just updating goodbye 2011??
A little bit slow of me isn't? Well.. what can i do.. i am too busy to update my precious blog.. thehe (lame excuses.. haha.)

Anyway.. eventhough it's consider a little bit late but i still want to type here 'HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 EVERYONE' and i wish u all happy and have a better life. Well.. that's a hope for myself..:P

Oke. As the 365 days already passes by, there would be may sweet,sour and even bitter memories all along in 2011. So, here i go.


February 2011 - My car!! First car!! With my own money!! (Oke.. my dad invest a little..:P)

March 2011 -An engagement & A big wedding day!! Two of my big brothers getting married ! And i already someone's fiancee!!

December 2011 - Got a new job!! With better perspective & new environment (of coz with higher $$)


May 2011 - My rumate leaving me.. T_T. She got a better job in Malacca. And i dont hv anyone to hang out, to gossip, to advise me & to share anymore..

October 2011 - I had to do a sudden decision - pass resignation letter to my boss (previous company) and my superior ask my help to extend my resignation till end november - just because she wants to go for a holiday??


October 2011 - I'm losing my auntie. My dad losing his sister and her family losing a wife, a mom & a granny.

November 2011 - Double sadness. After my auntie passed away, then her eldest son followed her step. I'm losing a cousin.

There was not much actually, since i was living in a simple life. But for this year, i hope that i can getting married and had more opportunities in my life - thats include relationship, work scope, further study & maybe a business?? well.. we just can planning but Allah will determine what will happen next.. InshaAllah.. i will work harder. Gannbatte to all!!

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