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Friday, January 27, 2012

I'mma fashion disaster : Checkers!

Check Mate! Oke. We not playing chess rite now but i nak story about fashion.
Haha macamla aku ni hebat sangat kan nak story mory fashion ni. Nama pun fashion disaster. so, of cozla tidak hebat.

Disebabkan tak hebat nak story, so i just put few of checkers or also known as plaid for u all review.

 My favourite checkers shirt. Can be wore either casual or formal.

Another checkers. Dont know where did this checkers gone now. 
Must be with one of my sisters. Haha.
(I so in love with this background wall- so colorful)

Not only shirt je yang checkers. But shawls pun sekarang so many checkers design. So check it out!!

 My brand new brown shawl checkers!!
(Love this motorbike! So vintage!)

 another checkers shawl..

Not only ladies who into this checkers 'thing' but also guys!!

 Yeah.. Incik tunang dengan pose kunun2 korean style..

dan.. this little guy..  he totally like obsessed to checkers..
Just like Donghae Super Junior who once totally obsessed with this checkered shirts..

 (source :

Mana yang nak tengok video Donghae ni bolehla ke sini ye.

And not forget our 1st MasterChef Malaysia, Dr. Ezani yg memang banyak kot collection checkers shirt dia.

(source : zestbyezani)

I also had a few of checkers shirt with different colors. Hey, this checkers were universal. So, everyone tanpa kira usia, agama, bangsa dan jantina pun boleh pakai tau. Memang sangat rugi if you dont have one. So, what u waitin anymore? Go and grab one!!

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