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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'mma fashion disaster : Shortsleeves Tee

Morning. Still on holideyyys? Happy hollideyyys to who still in holiday. But sure not to me. I'm working rite now.

Ofis masih suram, so i pun ada masa la untuk post entri disaster ni. Haha.
Well. Semua orang pun ada shortsleeves tee kan? Err.. i think everyone does.
Even not for outing pun you must have for 'baju rumah' kan? I dont know how u guys interpret baju rumah but for me baju rumah tu baju yang kita pakai di rumah la.
Err.. i tak sure if baju rumah you all same with baju outing. But for me its different.

So, i bukanlah nak cerita pasal baju rumah vs baju outing ni but for muslimah like me, pakai short sleeves tee saje memang tak boleh. So, i pakai macam ni...

1. I wear a white short sleeves inside and a yellow cardi outside.

2. I wear grey long turtle neck shirt inside and pink short sleeves (more into baby tee i think) outside.

Oke. I know, everyone also does this but just to share with you if you had a cute shortsleeves shirt and you dont know how to wear it out, u can try this. 

Either cardi and long sleeves shirt, you can try jacket and also bolero, so you can recycle your favourite tee without your friends notice. Oke, maybe they will but tak la ketara sangat kan korang pakai baju tee yang sama je. :P

p/s: Sorila i kat ofis so pic yang ada limited. Ni je yang i godex dari facebook.. T_T

1 comment:

  1. hee comel je dear..

    p/s ada buat contest..jom join..23 hadiah dari 8 penaja menanti kamu...


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