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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Teamship : teamwork + friendship

This morning when i view my facebook page, i read a status from a motivator. 

Teamship : a term that almost same with teamwork meaning but it more deep than teamwork because you not only have to cooperate with the team members, but also you had some special relationship with them.

'Special relationship' that i mention tak bermaksud 'LOVE' but more into a friendly and family relationship. In a work, usually kita akan work in a team. Even i yang alone in Purchasing Dept pun i need to cooperate with my other colleagues. Because my work related to account, so i had to have a good relation with them. I also had to close with the Engineers, Site supervisors, and also co-workers because all of my works can only be complete with their help.

Kalaulah they all ni tak ada, who will help me to received the goods and passed the DO to me? Without DO i cant proceed my work. So, to smooth my work, i must have a teamship with them so we can finished this project successfully.

Lagi-lagi kerja construction di site, memang teamship sangat penting. Kalau tak, macammana nak siapkan satu tiang lrt pun? Even ko main con ke sub con ke tapi kalau salah satu tak buat kerja, mesti tak siap juga kan?

Tiang yang dah teguh. 

Tanpa teamship juga almost impossible to put a segment on top of two pile. Sebab bukan semata-mata driver crane angkat dan letak je segment tu atas pile but someone also have to be on top of the pile to make sure the segment is fitting with the pile.

Segment terletak. Ni baru test je. Dah siap nanti korang la yang akan lalu ni.
(Bangga sket sebab bakal berbakti pada nusa bangsa.. haha)

Sebab tu teamship tu sangat penting. Kalau sorang nak buat macam tu, sorang lagi nak buat macam ni, bila lah nak siap kan??

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