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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jobless & Interview

Last month i have been decided to resign from the current job immediately. With 24 hours notice, i email the letter to the HR Manager. It was a sudden decision but i do not regret it. It just that i felt guilty towards the ex-colleagues especially the clerk there who had to carry out all the work load by herself.

But i think it should be a good experience on her rather than she spend her time in fb-ing & chatting. A least she could gain something from this work load handling. Hope so.

So, after the sudden decision, i am a jobless and decide to seeking job in my hometown area. Since my husband also working out his business there, i think it will be more convenient for me to working in our residential area rather than travel 1 hour 30mins everyday to get to my working place. But sadly its not easy as am i resign.

To seeking for a suit job with my qualification and previous salary in a rural area not easy as it seems. Even though, my hometown nearby the KLIA, Industrial Zone, but it still... really difficult... so i decide to decrease my expectation salary to much lower numbers. And it still hard to find some suit job and some of the employers starting to gave me unreasonable pay. Less than half of my previous salary!! Can u believe that!! Its not that i'm not gratitude with the offer but i still have my own responsibilities like my car and also my PTPTN loan. It just not enough.

Maybe its seems that i'm kind a bit desperate who seeking for a job, that why they start to gave me the unreasonable pay. And i kept thinking, is it because of i'm changing of my status (single to married), so people are difficult to hire me. Because before this, i've heard rumors that most company are keen to hire single person  (especially female) as they have less responsibilities towards family.

So, after having some discussion with my husband, i'll try to seeking job further than this area. Anywhere i got the job, we will be move in there and he also will build his business there. So, this will be help me to gave the best answer when the interviewers ask me...'Do you have any problem with distance? Wouldn't it a little bit far for you to travel from there to here?'. Yes such as that questions. I thinks its compulsory in every interview that i have been.

Many interview i have been attend. The outcome was good but i still didnt get a call that said, " You are HIRE!". No. Not yet. From KL, USJ, Shah Alam, Bangi, Cheras, Puchong... i attend the interview and try as much as i can to answer all of the questions. And still no reply. I already worried and felt down. My confident level also decrease. But, still i apply and apply and try my best to attend all the interview that i've been invited.

Until the 1st day of August, when i'm on my way to my last interview on that week. I got a call from a Japanese company, offer me the position and need me to start immediately by the next day (2nd August). I was like.. really? is they really offer me the job? Because i think the interview not going smooth as i expected. There are some questions that lack of answer and not even precise. But, since they want immediate answer from me, so i just confirmly agree by phone and still decide to go to my last interview since i already there.

As i walking out to the floor from the lift, i was a lillte bit shock because i didn't see any office but what i see is a few of papers write on it 'Zalora' (You know, the biggest apparels online store in Malaysia). The left door is a store full with thousand boxes of shoes while the other door write on it 'Zalora Interview'. I was thinking that...'Am i lost again?' but the address was correct. So i ask one of the delivery boy with a trolly that full of shoes boxes. And after he check with me the address was correct, he ask the company name. Then, i just found out that the company that i want to interview is have same parent company with Zalora. Now, i understand why the Zalora is same address with this company.

The interview ended well, so i drive to home and get another call from a company in USJ that also want to hire me. And this time, i get confuse, which one should i go? The Japanese one? Or in the USJ? Both located far from my home. Salary also not much different. So, guys... which one do you think i choose??

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kisah Klasik 2 : Main Masak-masak

Zaman i dulu bukan perempuan je main masak-masak. Lelaki pun sama. Kiranya dulu Jr Masterchef dah wujud dulu dah. Eh, apa kes kalau masak-masak yang permainan tu. Tak mainla yang permainan or guna play doh tu. Tak boleh nak rasa. Lagipun zaman tu mana mampu. Permainan semua mahal. Kalaula mak bapak ko belikan ko anak patung kat pasar malam tu pun dah kire bertuah tau.

Selalu dulu kalau nak main masak-masak akan ada orang yang jadi bapa, emak dan anak-anak. Kalau jadi bapa, kerjanya pergi keje lepastu balik keje rehat-rehat kat rumah. Kalau jadi anak-anak kejenya main-main jela. Tak pun besar sikit pergi sekolah. Paling tak best bila jadi mak sebab kena kemas rumah, jaga anak, masak dsb. Memang tak bestla kalau undi kena jadi mak. Semua kerja kena buat.

Tapi part paling best, bila part masak.. yela, dah nama pun masak-masak mestilah masak best. Tapi i think makan lagi best. Hehe.. Tau tak feveret menu we all dulu untuk masak-masak? Kebanyakkannya benda yang boleh dibakar or rebus. Tapi ada juga yang makan fresh-fresh pun boleh. Antara menunya;

1. Ubi kayu
2. Ubi keledek
3. Keladi keledek
4. Jambu air
5. Belimbing
6. Sengkuang
7. Timun
8. Ikan kembung - kidnap dari dapur
9. Tempe - pun kidnap jugak
10. Kelapa sawit - makanan paling spesel.. wahaha..

Kelapa sawit?? Biar betul?? Yup. kelapa sawit bakar. Biasanya bakar sekali dengan ubi kayu or keladi or keledek. Perhh.. rasa lemak berkrim macam tu. Tryla. Ada beran??