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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Baby Story : 2 Months Baby - 5 days did not Poo Poo (or berak or buang air besar.. err.. depend to your vocab)

What did you do when you realize that your 2 months++ baby did not poo poo 5 days in a row? a

Seriously i am very worried. I am a new mother, never had this experience before and this situation came to test a motherhood in me!! Oh my!! What should i do?

I ask my mother and my mother also lack in this experience also.. (eventhough she had 8 childrens..can you imagine how healthy are we? haha..)

Actually when Delisha already not poo poo in 3 days, i'm already getting worried. I look, google and search in internet anything refer to this matter and there were not much that could help me. Eventhough in 3 days not poo poo, she still active like usually, her stomach not harden and did not cry or felt uncomfortable. She just less in bf (still considered enough but not frequent as usual). So, there is not much to worried actually as if she is fully bf.. but she is not. I am already mixed with fm due to not enough production.. (she is really drink a lot). We give her Dulac (due to i am a Dumex child.. so i gave her the same). I read that it might happen because of the fm itself. Many babies that did not suitable for some product fm and their parent have to try and error any fm for their babies.

And from my read, the product that usually they are suggesting is beyond our budget.. huwaa.. i am just working and the fm price which is good according to them is RM4+ per tin (around 500gm if not mistaken). Okay. Fine, for Delisha we will do anything for her. But, what if after i try the expensive fm, she still have the some problem? What should we do? There will be wasting isnt it? My mum asked me to do some research within my family and husband family. What type of fm that my niece and nephew drink? It could help me to choose the type of fm that suitable for Delisha little tummy.

So after asking, i get info that little Syaza (my brother's daughter) also drink Dulac at first but then changing to Dutchbaby because not suitable for her. Then, my husband's niece, Dania also drink dutchbaby. Hurmm.. should i change??

The 4th days, she still not poo poo yet and i am already working that time and she just met the doctor last week for her 2 months injection. My husband thought that she might be not poo poo because of the injection which is the problem arise incidentally after she get the injection. So, after talk with my mum and mother-in-law, we agree to see the doctor again.

But since i just start working, i couldnt apply for leave, so i have to let go Delisha seeking the doctor with my mum and my husband. Oh, it was so sad. I felt like what a mother on earth that i am..(really a dramaqueen.. huhu). So, they met the doctor on the 5th days. According to my husband and mum, she just fine. Her stomach is fine and its nothing to do with her fm. The doctor teach my mum and husband how to massage her stomach and said that this could happen because of the mother.. It means ME.

Because of me huhh?? Ok. Then i was realise that i also have the same problem as her. I try to drink a lot of water and green veggies - and you know what happen next. The next day, she poo poo so much.. haha.. i think she absorb more her bm then her fm. And as usually, i have the same effect as her.. So, problem solve!!

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