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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Its never to late to say GOODBYE and THANKYOU 2013

2013... the year that full with joys and sadness..ermm not sadness, maybe more into regretness.. but anyway 2013 is a year that make a new side of me..

1. I am Pregnant!!
Alhamdulillah.. after waiting almost 6 months, i am positively pregnant. You could read more details about my pregnancy in my previous entry. thehehe..

2. I am resigning and take a very long holiday..
This is quite regretting actually but i have to. Too much pressure and they promote me to a new job scope that i couldnt bring it at time of my pregnancy.. but anyhow i love my job there..

3. Opening a Ayam Gunting Stall
This is husband ambition, he would like to open another stall for development of his business. And with my last salary.. we take a sudden decision to buy a used stall (but still look like new) from internet - we met him and after have a some chit chat, we take the offer!! Oh my - he such a sweettalker but Alhamdulillah all the thing that came with the package is fine. Alhamdulillah husband manage to open it until now but he still looking for other place for this stall (usually he open it in night market).

4. I am a mother and she is such an angel!!
Alhamdulillah.. i am safely delivery a beautiful baby girl and we named her Hana Delisha.. The experience of prengnacy and deliver will be not forgot all of my life.. Thank you so much husband and my family especially my mom, my dad and siblings that help me a lot in thru this changing of nature...

5. I am working again.. back to construction business..
Actually if i could, i would like to stay home as a housewife and taking care my little angel. But due to this current economy not willing me to achieve that dream. Furthermore, i am being so sorry to my husband which is he had to pay my car loan along this 6months that i am not working. Poor him. Imagine he had to pay for his own car, his van and my car. And also others.. rent house, utilities, food and bla bla bla.. So, my husband tell me that after he finishing pay all his car and van loan (which is due in May 2014), he will let me choose either to be a housewife or still working. But i think i will try to be a working wife and mom as a supporter to my husband and myself. Oh yes, i got a job in a realty company in early December and i think this is a good oppurtunities as we are planning to buy a home for us in the nearest time. Currently my company project is working on high end house -semi D, so in the next 2 years will be start working on low-medium cost house that we hopely afford to buy. Hopefully company will be giving discount to their staff.. thehehe..

Anyway that is some of the big moment that happen on 2013. THANK YOU 2013 for everything.. and GOODBYE!!

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